cairnbrae-houseCAIRN is a Scottish term for a rock outcrop or a rock stack. BRAE is also a Scottish term for river valley hence the name Cairnbrae. Cairns is an old Scottish family name with a family history of several generations.

Environmentally Friendly

CAIRNBRAE HOUSE® is ecological friendly. We collect our own rain water. It is untainted and has no chemicals. It make the whisky taste better.

We process most waste products and rejuvenate the garden soil so we can grow our own vegetables and fruit.

Food & Wine

About Cairnbrae HouseDevon makes tasty homemade jams & Sauces from raspberries, plums, apples pears, red and Black currents. Also Chutneys and pickles.

Our cellar stores, selected wines, from boutique New Zealand producers. We enjoy sharing your appreciation of our local wine and food.

The Mangawhero River provides a private swimming hole and is available on hot summer days. The snow fed waters from Mt Ruapehu makes a refreshing dip.

Deer Park & House PetsDeer Park and House Pets

We have herd of friendly Fallow Mesopotamian (spotted deer).

We also have one cat.  Benson (Chocolate point, rag doll).

CAIRNBRAE HOUSE® Global Positioning Coordinates

GPS 39 23 51.719S

175 21 17.869E